Jon Hughes


Initially trained and working as a Fine Artist, I made the shift to traditional illustration and studio management during the early and Mid 1990's respectively. In 1998 I made the transition to Digital 2&3D work, and have been attracting commissions ever since.

More recently, I have also applied my creative skills to modelling, texturing

and level design work for PC Games development studios internationally.

I have numerous published titles to my name in addition to Fine Artwork in private collections around the world.

Russell Gooday


Back in the early 90's, I began a career in DTP and Photoshop retouching.
After a year of working in my home town of Plymouth, I moved to London,
and joined an interactive entertainment and video production company
called the Bell Media. 3d Graphics had been a hobby of mine for some time,

and I was given the opportunity at Bell to pursue this professionally,
producing title sequences, cut scenes and various interactive graphics.


After leaving Bell Media two years later, I moved to the Middle East for a year, where I collaborated on a series of interactive CD projects. Since then I have been working as a freelance 3d artist, based in the UK and now here in Thailand. The projects I have been working on are various, and include everything from dinosaurs, character work, to interior design and furniture modeling.


I met Jon, five years ago, on a book project of his, involving the creation of 3d digital dinosaurs. In that time we have formed a solid partnership, both as friends and colleagues, working together, creating natural science imagery for numerous titles.

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